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Our Idea to Invention Process New Product Idea or Existing Patent
If you have developed the next, best invention idea, we will work with you to search existing patents to determine whether your idea is an improvement upon an existing patent, a product that already exists within the marketplace or a completely unique idea. We will then work with you to develop a virtual prototype so that you can begin to develop crucial licensing around your idea and the process of marketing your idea.

New Product Idea
If your invention is a brand new idea, we will work with you to gain the cash you are entitled to. It is important however to set realistic expectations about your invention. Most ideas are not new, but are improvements upon existing products or patents for products in development. We will help you to define where your invention fits into these definitions so that you can file the appropriate paperwork required to begin developing a prototype. From there, we will help you to market your idea within the marketplace.

Improve an Existing Product
Most ideas that we are presented with are improvements to existing products, processes or ideas. Your improvement may not currently exist within these product lines, creating a financial opportunity for you to seize. Improvements to existing products are often just as lucrative, or more lucrative than developing an original invention.

Hold a Patent Are you currently holding a patent assuming that manufacturers will find you? Unfortunately, this is the thought process that many talented inventors follow. While this may occur, in reality, this is not the proven process to get an invention marketed. And if you don't put your invention into the correct channels, it may never be noticed and you may never realize the capital that you deserve for your great idea. Let us partner with you to develop a marketing plan to take your patent to the next phase. You have already done part of the work! Let us complete what you have started.
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